Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New Bundle of Holding - Fantasy Tracks - Ambient Background Sounds for RPGs

I have never used background music for my RPG sessions. Well, except for the original Conan movie soundtrack back in my college days, but I'm not sure if that counts ;)

I've been interested in trying some background tracks for my Roll20 sessions, but everything I've stumbled across was too loud / too intense / too much "something".

I just dropped $10 to get all of the tracks in the latest Bundle of Holding, Fantasy Tracks, and the handful I've sampled - Fantasy Tavern, Pharaoh's Tomb and Dungeon Realm 1 sound pretty good. Good enough to risk playing in the background of one of our upcoming sessions. These pieces know that their place is in the background and I think it will work. If they don't, I have some nice ambient sounds to clear my mind when trying to get down to creative ventures and the like.

Sounds and music and the like in RPGs certainly polarized a number of the gamers I've spoken to about it in the past, and I can understand the strong feelings that are occasioned on both side. Still, I plan on having fun with these ;)

1 comment:

  1. Nice, I've been tempted to pick them up as inspirational listening while driving. nothing stews the old adventure/creature maker like some epic music.


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