Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Compiling the List of Goodness For the "12 Days of OSR Christmas"

I received an email earlier today from a patron of The Tavern, offering a package of OSR goodness if I were running a Christmas Giveaway. The fact it, I am running a Christmas Giveaway here at The Tavern. 12 Days of it to be exact.

So, currently on the list of things to be given away:

1 set including the following -S&W Whitebox (softcover), Heroes & Other Worlds Adventure Game and Whitehack (a generous donor)

1 DCC RPG Core Rulebook (1st Printing) (your tavern keeper)

AL 4 - The Way Station and AL 5 - Stars in the Darkness for the DCC RPG (set - possibly more than one set - donated by Purple Duck Publishing)

2 copies of Lords of Gossamer & Shadow (hardcover - your tavern keeper)

1 copy of Dwarves & Dragons (strategy game by Ken St. Andre - signed and numbered 33/100)

1 copy of Three Days Until Retirement (donated by Stuart K - who also wrote and Kickstarted it successfully)

1 copy of Treasure Awaits (excellent OSR styles game donated by +Brett Bernstein )

1 copy of Lords of Olympus (softcover B&W donated by +Brett Bernstein )

Other items I find in the prize closet / basement (old games, duplicates, etc)

Other items donated in print and / or PDF

RPGNow store credit.

If you want to gift the patrons of this fine blog, email me at tenkarsDOTtavernATgmailDOTcom

The Giveaway will kick off on or about December 12, 2013

Prizes will be awarded randomly to blog readers that comment in the relevant day's thread, and comments will be open about 24 hrs on each thread, give or take.


The US Postal Service hates you. Really. The cost to ship anything to you will probably exceed the value of the items shipped. I'm running this using RPGNow referral sales credit, and unless someone makes like a thousand dollar purchase and we get some extra referral funds, shipping overseas will be way too costly.

So, PDF prizes / RPGNow credit for you UNLESS you want to paypal me (or possibly a donor if they are shipping direct) your shipping fee. It sucks. I know.

edit: I'm sure I missed a donor or 3 ;)


  1. Erik, you are a gentleman and scholar, sir.

    1. nope - just enjoy giving shit away to fellow gamers ;)

      the out of pocket is minimal if I can fund shipping and RPGNow credit with... RPGNow credit - heh

  2. Some great prizes! This will be fun.

  3. How is this going to work Erik? 12 separate giveaways? Was wondering if I could con some of the BFRPGers into throwing in some print versions of the core rules and/or Morgansfort.

    1. at the rate the donors are kicking in - i expect 12 separate days of giveaways

      probably grouping by theme as best i can


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