Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Traveling Wizard Nystul's Latest Crowdfunding Campaign

No, I'm not stalking the man. I got no less than three heads up that Mike had found himself a new angle - via email, Goople+ and a comment on this here blog.

I'm all into crowdfunding. I think it's an amazing way to fund projects that otherwise may never get made. In the case of Mike, it's a way to fund project that will never get made. His ability to complete ANYTHING via crowdfunding is right around zero, give or take a few points.

Is anyone that knows anything about Mike's history of failed Kickstarters (and the Indiegogo project to fund those Kickstarters when he ran out of money) really going to entrust Mike with their money on his latest boondoggle? (isn't he supposed to be couch surfing across the country? how the fuck is he making resin dungeon pieces from the back of a family van?)

In Mike's words:
You know that proverb about interesting times? That's been my life. A lot has gone wrong lately. I have the perspective to know that I am still fortunate in many ways but I have been unemployed for quite a while and have not been able to get my head above water.  
Here is the plan - instead of landing the stopgap job I can't seem to land anyway I will start the terrain building business I have been working toward and start looking for ways to go back to school so I can shift careers completely. The trouble is - I have to get by until I can make this happen. That's where you come in.  
I am raising funds to keep me going while I put my plan into effect. I am asking for help but want to work for my supper. I have come up with a series of Rewards that should offer something for almost anyone. 
These hand made sets include 2 Medium Corridors, 1 90’ Turn, 1 “T” intersection, 2 Small Rooms, 2 Doors, 1 Trap Door, 1 Staircase and 3 Wall Slugs. Sold separately these bits would run $100 but I am pricing this test run at $60.  
My math says I can cast all he bits I need for one "round" of sets in one week. If assembling and painting takes another week that means these will be done toward the end of the month.  
I have priced the sets without shipping - if you want something I'll let you know how much it will cost to send it to where you are and you can PayPal the shipping cost to me.
I must admit - $25 to make Mike write an apology is tempting, but I'm not the "1 in 8" ;)


  1. He is obviously not only couch-surfing but also hopping from one crowdfunding site to the next. First Kickstarter, then Indiegogo, now GoFundMe. Why people keep giving him money is beyond me.

  2. It's sad, just really, really sad...I am embarrassed for this guy.

  3. He must think gamers are dumb as a bag of hammers. Judging from the screen cap above, at least one is.

  4. Yeah. I don't get it. But he obviously has no reason to quit since people still give him money.

  5. You mean this isn't a gag? But how can that be? I mean, "Candid Camera" went off the air before some of the guys on this site were even born!


  6. I got a page not found message when I followed the link. Anyone else?

    1. Same here.

      It's possible someone reported it to the site. "Hey, this guy. _This guy_. Not a legit campaign."

      I mean, that's the sort of action I'd like to see out of a crowdfunding site.

  7. If he was serious hed put a few starter dungeons up for sale to get cash. As is it looks like grifting.

    1. Counting down to Nystul opening up an eBay store in 3... 2... 1...

  8. From FundMeNow's safety and security page (http://www.gofundme.com/safety):

    "Donors should only contribute payments to GoFundMe users they personally know and trust."


    "Beware of donation pages that attempt to bypass the prescribed donation method (ie, posting direct links to alternative payment methods)."

    Like Nystul's attempt to get shipping costs directly via PayPal?

  9. While I was sleeping I received two messages as well (one via email and one via my blog), but the gofundme page was down by the time I got online.
    This guy either has balls the size of church bells or no sense of shame.

    1. Mike see's nothing wrong with this, and in truth, I don't think he sees anything wrong in his failed attempt to turn Kickstarter money for his projects into a company that produced no projects.

      the world is against him...

  10. Wow. He wants $25 for 1000 words? Pffttt... I'll write a dungeon for $10 per 1000 words, and throw in a map or two to boot, with a nice map, all wrapped up in a nice PDF, amd you can do whatever you want with it...

  11. Ha Ha. I make a joke about him this morning and he turns up like a fuckin' bad penny.

    I love it!!!

  12. Erik,
    The only possible way out at this point for genius Mike is to beg Andrew Shields to again take over the project. Andrew could then form a committee with a couple of other backers and get some kind of modest artwork and layout assembled along with the text and tables.
    Next, upload the barebones game to Drivethrurpg.com and start selling it (don’t give Mike the password – that would allow him access to money in the book’s account) so that over a few months it generates enough profits to begin providing refunds to those that want them. Once everyone has been paid off over the next 5-6 years then Mike can have his game back.
    Mike had asked about what he could do that he hasn’t done and this would be it. Of course he would never respond or agree, but it’s worth a try.


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