Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fantastic Heroes & Witchery Retro-RPG Hard Cover in Hand

You remember me referring to the 2-page spread PDF of Fantastic Heroes & Witchery as "Crippleware"? I stand by that assessment, as turning that impossible to read PDF into a "normal" PDF encouraged me to order the HC version literally 20 minutes into reading it.

Hoping to spend some time with this over my week of vacation, as it really looks to have a crapload of stuff I'd like to borrow for my current campaign.


  1. Couldn't get the cripple to norm conversion to work myself, thus it was relagated to the Recycle Bin, then oblivion...

  2. I jut used Adobe Acrobat Reader's reflow text feature. Not perfect, and a couple pages stay "crippled", but at least I can read it on the tablet.

  3. You should provide a link to the products print version. Might be handy.

  4. I have no problems reading the excellent and free pdf! With great art :) Just zoom in your pdf reader, no problem :) At least it reads perfectly fine on my ipad and on the desktops too.

    Have ordered the hardcover too, of course, link is here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/dominique-crouzet/fantastic-heroes-witchery-hardcover/hardcover/product-21316675.html
    And link for the softcover is here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/dominique-crouzet/fantastic-heroes-witchery/paperback/product-21296967.html

  5. I read or skimmed through much of it over the weekend, after converting it to one-up. Lots of fun art, and an interesting mix of a simple old school base topped with a lot of detailed home-brew-type rules. It feels very organic. It is in need of a good editing, however.

  6. read the pdf (great) and waiting for my hardcover book with the late lulu offer :)


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