Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's a Setting! It's a Rock Album! It's an Art Book! It's the Dragon Kings Kickstarter!

Alright, this is one of those Kickstarters that has been pushed hard prior to going live. I know I posted about it earlier, and the concept is pretty cool, even if it is a bit muddled.

Tim Brown, the main man behind Dark Sun back in the AD&D 2e days is releasing Dragon Kings as a sort of spiritual successor to his earlier creation. The setting itself will be system agnostic, but they will be releasing PDFs that are system specific for Pathfinder and Savage Worlds (and others as stretch goals). Kinda cool, as I enjoyed the early Dark Sun releases.

But then Tim kicks it up a notch by adding a 12 track Dragon Kings music CD, telling the story of the world of Dragon Kings.

But wait, there's more! The Dragon Kings Gazetteer is both an art book for the setting and reflects the songs on the album.

It all seems... awkward to me. My wife, however, thinks the music that played while watching the video was pretty cool. I do like the artists lined up for this project, and Brom is one of my all time favorites.

This went live yesterday and is already past the halfway mark of it's $29k goal.

It's also one of the few gaming Kickstarters my wife seems interested in.

I just like my Kickstarters with simpler options...


  1. Seriously. Completely aside from the merits (or lack thereof) of the project, just *needing* that table is absurd.

  2. And they have just added a bunch of new backer levels for people who only want the RPGs, which, while great for those of us not interested in the other stuff, makes this chart even more complicated.

    1. wait? are you saying we now need a new chart?


      my eyes can barely read this one

    2. No, they're on the chart above. The three new levels are outlined in red.

    3. Meaning the red-outlined *columns*, not the red-highlighted *rows*. Geeze, even the color-coding is a pain.

    4. There are only so many colors one can squeeze on that chart. Too bad ulfire and jale aren't currently options. Computer monitor technology just hasn't caught up with Carcosa...

  3. Another Kickstarter?

    I refuse to believe that you have time to read all of this material, much less to actually play the games!

    And, yeah, the chart is a bit "over the top."

  4. I admit to looking down and not seeing my skirt floating in midair when I read this one..

  5. Holy crap! That chart looks like something from Atlantic Wall or North Africa.

  6. A+ for ambition, but man do I REALLY need a concept album? I remember trying to adapt Pink Floyd's The Wall into an adventure once. It was the 80s don't judge me! But wow.

    Yet there is something compelling about this.

  7. I...I...aye, I may be in for 80 bucks. Damn you, Tenkar!!!!

  8. Thanks for the post Erik! I've been racking my brain for how to make a chart or something similar to be able to compare the pledge levels. Should I make a digital only chart, a physical only, music only? Then there'd be too many. In our mind this Kickstarter is a cohesive package and we thought more people would be into that, but some are and some aren't. So we added more levels to give people what they wanted. Your thoughts on how to make the chart more readable are welcome! :-)


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