Thursday, October 3, 2013

The East Coast Will Cast "Summon Nystul" During Peak Blizzard Season ;)

Alex Gray - Mike Nystul - "Alter Self" anyone?

How about: "I'll finish my commitments before living the life of a vagabond"?

Nah! Didn't think so...


  1. And comments are turned off? The devil, you say!

    1. Now it's not even there:

      "Blog has been removed

      Sorry, the blog at nystulatlarge.blogspot.com has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs."

  2. This guy is a world class twat.

  3. I hope he means East Coast as in GA or FL (which, to my mind is the South and not the East Coast)? If not, he's about as good a trip planner as he is a kickstarter manager.

  4. Long Term Planning, AKA:

    "Please let me into your house where I can sleep in your bed, eat your food, drink your grog, dirty your dishes, shower in your bathroom using your soap and your shampoo, dirty your towels, use your toilet paper, clog your toilet, mooch your internet, and avoid those annoying people who are going to be looking for me with court papers...."

    (reprint of an earlier Reply of mine - it just seems to stay current)


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