Monday, September 30, 2013

Another "Bundle of Holding" - Feng Shui (Hong Kong Action Movie RPG)

I think I've turned into a Bundle of Holding addict. Seriously. I know I don't have time for all of these cool games, but at some point I will, and when I do, I'll have some amazing shit to read (and possibly play).

At the moment, 11 bucks gets you: Feng Shui rulebook, Golden Comeback, Blowing Up Hong Kong, Friends of the Dragon, and In Your Face Again.

11 Bucks exceeds the average. You could give a buck and still get the first two I listed.

I'm beginning to understand the crackheads I used to arrest in the South Bronx back in the late 90's ;)

This bundle has a short run - less than 3 days left. So if your going to do it, just do it. 'Cause to do it, you must do it. Or something. Fucking Apocalypse World "too cool to write intelligently" is bouncing around my head. Make it stop!

Heh! I should ask Nystul how he copes. Wait, that's right, he doesn't write anymore - he teaches!


  1. Holy cow that's a great deal. I love Feng Shui, it was one of the most entertaining games I ever got to play back when it was young and new. Still have the books in my collection.


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