Thursday, October 3, 2013

Another Bundle of Holding? Get Some "Unknown Armies"!

I've only heard good things about Unknown Armies. Actually, I heard how awesome it was, but I had no idea the genre of UA until earlier today - postmodern apocalyptic pulp action. That's a mouthful.

In any case, the game and some supplements can be had for about 11 bucks in PDF for the next he days.

Yes, more shit I won't get to read for months - maybe years. Yes, I paid my 11 bucks...


  1. Wow! An addict!

    Until now, I never thought I'd meet someone in need of . . . Gamers Anonymous!


    Erik! You need help! LOL

  2. heh - games are safer than crack - cheaper too in the long run ;)

  3. Whew. For the first time in a month, a Bundle of Holding I can resist. Easily.

  4. I went in on this one as well, but I've had the opportunity to play this once (a local GM has run some one-shots) and it was a lot of fun. The approach to sanity was really enjoyable and, while it's a bit dim in my memory, the character sheet had something like triggers for certain personality traits that really helped get us into our characters - something not always easy with pregens.


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