Friday, October 4, 2013

Some Recent Comments by Backers of "The Travelling Wizard"'s Axes & Anvils Kickstarter

We know Mike has no immediate plans to finish Axes & Anarchy - I MEAN Axes & Anvils.

Backers are frustrated but realists as shown below (my favorite line - Mike see's himself as a 'traveling wizard') -

I would link the Big Purple thread myself, but I find the place horrible to navigate.

Of course, it seems like Mike himself doesn't quite grasp the fact that not only hasn't he produced something, but being a "traveling wizard" is about as far from being in a position to produce something that one can be.

I was surprised that Mike's two other projects were signed over to others without any kind of cash changing hands - until you realize Mike probably did less with those two project then he did with A&A. So yes, Mike turned over very little but the concepts themselves.

If this was simple incompetence, I'd have forgiven and forgotten this project long ago. It's the lies, not just to the backers, but folks like +Andrew Shields that stepped up to save this project before being kicked to the curb, that simply piss me off.


  1. Poor judgement and bad handling all the way around. He needs to "let go of the dream."

  2. Mystic Scholar: Let go of it, or work towards it, but not sit and loudly insist something magical will happen while he ignores it.

  3. @ Andrew: Agreed.

    I'm just thinking that his current situation isn't going to bode well for 'working towards it.' I was in a similar situation not very long ago and my situation hasn't improved very much. Regrettably, he can accomplish little at this time.

  4. Traveling Wizard.....didn't we used to call them "hobos" back in the day?

  5. Is that a magic hobo? (http://www.rpgnow.com/product/102624/Hobomancer)

  6. Absolutely nothing about him surprises me anymore. I mean honestly, when I did quick google search on him the night the "I am a bad manager of your money" update showed up in my inbox it took about 45 seconds to pull up a mugshot. What is surprising is that anyone had any hope of seeing anything from A&A after he refused to post a draft that night as many of us had asked.

    I feel bad for him in the "I hope he finds help for his condition" kind of way. I don't wish what he is or is about to go through on anyone but I do believe there is a small upshot in all of this (for my backers at least) that he can be credited to him. He failed so spectacularly and so publically that I was driven to be the anti-Nystul. I can't be the only one either. Not every example that is set is a good example- Mike Nystul is living proof of that.

    Like I said I hope he finds help because his reputation is the least of his problem from the looks of it.

    1. It's not news.

      EGG did name a spell that makes a piece of shit look like a magic item after him.

  7. He may have already started traveling. As of today, his facebook page is gone, along with his blog, and his Axes & Anvils FB page. The next any of us see and hear of him may be as he serves us fries at our favorite fast food joint.

  8. Well, that's a rather cavalier way to grant closure.


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