Friday, April 26, 2013

Joe Dever and Cubicle 7 Announce Major Lone Wolf Deal

It seems like it's news day here at The Tavern...

Joe Dever and Cubicle 7 Entertainment are delighted to announce that several agreements have been put in place to develop Lone Wolf Roleplaying Games, and detailed colour maps of Magnamund - Lone Wolf’s iconic homeworld.
Joe Dever said, “I’m really very happy to be working with Cubicle 7, an excellent RPG company which I hold in the highest regard. I’m proud that Lone Wolf is now a part of their prestigious portfolio of games.” 
Dominic McDowall, Cubicle 7 CEO said, “I grew up with Lone Wolf, and so it’s a dream come true to be working with Joe on this classic series. We’ve got some very exciting plans for the Kai and Magnamund, which we’ll be sharing over the coming weeks.”

I one of those rare gamers that never played any of the Lone Wolf books and have no experience with it as a more standard RPG, but Cubicle 7 does produce quality games. I'm interested in seeing the results of this deal.


  1. The original game books are legally available online for free: http://www.projectaon.org/en/Main/Home

    1. That's a great resource. For me, Gary Chalk's artwork was always a major part of Magnamund, and so it's great that the Magnamund Companion is there as a legal .pdf.

      But I see that this means that the deal with Mongoose has ended, and they had people people on long-term subscriptions to their Lone Wolf reprints. People, who, the last time I checked the forums, were pissed off at the slow rate the Lone Wolf books were being published.


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