Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Feltothraxis - Should He Return to Doing Video Reviews?

                                (Feltothraxis looked at Vornheim in this now classic review ;)

It's been about a year since Feltothraxis graced us with a video review.

Should he return?

If so, what should he review?

How many pints should I have in me while doing the next Feltothraxis video review (assuming there is one)?

Even more important - does he need a sidekick?


  1. I always thought he did better reviews than you anyway. So yeah bring him back. Maybe he and the cat can duke it out this time.

  2. I still say his name should have been Sully!

    But yeah, he needs to come back. Drunk. And ornery!

  3. He needs his own puppet.

  4. Unleash the DRAGON! I mean sure, bring him back. Always fun.


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