Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Jack Chick Kickstarter? RPGs are Evil - Dark Dungeons: The Movie!

Initially, when I saw the Dark Dungeons: The Movie! Kickstarter, I was more than a little apprehensive. It appeared to me that Jack Chick was getting paid for the project in some way, shape or form and there was no way I was going to reward that ignorant fucktard.  The creator of the project has now made it abundantly clear that Jack Chick isn't getting paid. Heck, Jack Chick thinks this is a legit project:

JR Rails: I wrote Chick Publications Inc. explaining that I won $1000 in the lottery and that I wished to film Dark Dungeons. The tone and style of that letter was _very similar_ to that of my Kickstarter video. No where in that letter did I tell a lie just as no where in my video do I tell a lie. Every sentence was true. The only promise I made in that letter was that I would do my best to fully bring "Dark Dungeons" to life on the silver screen and that is a promise I intend to fulfill. 
Chick Publications, Inc responded to my correspondence by giving me the rights to do a video of Dark Dungeons. They waved any fee to do this so that I could spend the entire $1000 on making my video. (I have already spent the entire $1000 in pre-poduction costs for the video.) They also turned down my request to obtain the merchandise rights to Dark Dungeons so I only have the right to film Dark Dungeons and can not make "Dark Dungeons the Flame Thrower" … as I had wished. 
They said that I would have the copyright to my video and the only stipulation they gave me was somewhere in the video I should include the following message, "Story based on "Dark Dungeons" by Jack T. Chick, LLC Copyright 1984" and I intend to do so.
So, this movie is going to be made with a straight face in a way that can only lead to some amazing humor. I'm very happy that Jack Chick is still the ignorant fucktard he was in the 80's.

Alright, I'm in for $15. Watch the Kickstarter video. That and the above quoted comment convinced me to "Kick In" ;)

Thanks to +Harley Stroh for bringing this gem to my attention.


  1. Finally! This masterpiece will receive the cinematic treatment it has long deserved!

  2. Awesome. Somebody inform the RiffTrax guys.

  3. that would explain chronicles of ganth funny post:


    to repeat my adventure with this zine:
    I wished i had that spell to make parents buy books like marcie when i was 15. Instead I picked fruit and sold old stuff to afford new stuff (sniff). I was dropped this gem zine at a library during a CoC game, we turned our backs and this was dropped by someone who had waited and snuck behind our backs - creepy spying on teens. Cheif librarian of state spied on us due to a complaint. After he shook our hands and laughed that we weren't flying or casting spells in library and approved of teen DnD and hacker club for using library (1985).

  4. Thanks for the donation! Remember to also post to facebook and anywhere else you can spread the word. If not enough people hear about it, it won't be made.


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