Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Micro-Nations - A Perfect Fit for a Swords & Sorcery Campaign?

I was wandering around Wikipedia and somehow found myself looking at an article about Micro-Nations.

It got me thinking - a sorcerer's tower would effectively be a Micro-Nation, and if he gave himself a title, so much the better.

Maybe the village has an experienced warrior settle in it, and he declares himself king of all 40 inhabitats.

Damn, I really like the idea of self declared micro-nations in a campaign ;)


  1. Pretty much all there were back in the dark ages, little keeps and castles fighting each other constantly.

  2. That's totally what the Wilderlands of High Fantasy was all about...

  3. Heck, you can find that even in the Border Kingdoms region of Forgotten Realms.
    Any fool with a massive ego and a sword or bag of spells can do that.
    Question is, can you keep it?
    The more interesting question is, what do your neighbors think?


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