Friday, April 26, 2013

Center Stage to Produce Miniatures Based on the "Tome of Horrors Complete" by Frog God Games

It's too early for me to say whether I'll be backing this or not. Much depends on whether or not I actually start painting my Reaper Bones when they finally arrive...

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April 25, 2012
Contacts: Rachel Ventura (Frog God Games)/Matthew Solarz (Center Stage Miniatures)


Center Stage Miniatures signed a 5-year contract today with Frog God Games to produce 28mm Heroic Scale fantasy miniatures based on the award-winning "Tome of Horrors Complete." The line will launch with a new Kickstarter from Center Stage Miniatures on May 1st.

"There are over 800 monsters possible in the Tome of Horrors Complete," said Matthew Solarz, owner of Center Stage Miniatures, "including many iconic creatures from old-school fantasy and some newer monsters as well. This Kickstarter will help get as many of these miniatures as possible into gamers hands as quickly as we can."

Bill Webb, CEO of Frog God Games, said that partnering with Center Stage for the Tome of Horrors Complete range was the next logical step after discussing Razor Coast. Frog God Games announced earlier this week that Center Stage would be producing a line for the Razor Coast mega campaign based on the works by Nicholas Logue.

"Center Stage Miniatures is a leader in the production of old-school fantasy miniatures," said Rachel Ventura, VP of Sales & Marketing, "Their commitment to quality and to the old-school feel of fantasy RPGs made them a natural for this project."

Tome of Horrors Complete miniatures will be sculpted in 28mm Heroic scale so that they are compatible with the largest possible selection of miniatures on the market today, Solarz added
About Center Stage Miniatures

Manufacturer of high quality 25 and 28mm metal and resin miniatures for use with the world's most popular role-playing game.

Since 2009, Center Stage Miniatures has taken pride in producing old-school fantasy miniatures for use with tabletop RPGs. We started with only a few releases our first year, but have built up momentum and now have over 250+ products ready to be integrated into our online store this Spring and Summer. With the acquisition of some major miniature ranges, most notably the Julie Guthrie Fantasy Personalities (from Grenadier Models/Mega Miniatues) and Dungeon Crawl Classics Miniatures (from Goodman Games), we're poised to support your need for high-quality fantasy miniatures for years to come!

We will begin setting up our own in-house metal casting operations in 2014 thanks to our continuing growth.

About Frog God Games

Founded in April 2010, Frog God Games publishes resources for the tabletop roleplaying games Pathfinder Roleplaying Games and Swords & Wizardry. Its products are known for their grand adventure settings and high quality production values. “If our hardcovers won’t last you a lifetime of use, we have not made a high enough quality product”, said Webb. Frog God Games currently serves over 3000 customers in USA, Canada, Brazil, Europe, South America, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, and has produced over 70 books for Pathfinder Roleplaying Games and Swords & Wizardry in the past two years. The writers of Frog God Games have won numerous ENnie Awards. For more information about Frog God Games visit its website at www.talesofthefroggod.com

For More information please contact
Rachel Ventura,
VP of Sales & Marketing
Frog God Games


  1. You'll need a system, a plan, if you're going to work through those Reaper Bones!


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