Monday, April 22, 2013

A Kickstarter to Take Amber Diceless "Amberless" - Lords of Gossamer and Shadow: Diceless Role-Playing

When I was in my Dark Ages of Roleplaying - roughly 96-08 - my opportunities to find a game were limited. There wasn't much in the way of tabletop RPGs being played online, and the few that were were forum or email based.

I played a short AD&D game via an AOL forum and then later stumbled into an Amber Diceless play by email game. I tracked down the rules so I could play and it was a blast while it lasted, which wasn't long. Seems to be the curse of email RPG games that I've encountered. Still, I enjoyed what game time we had immensely.

Rite Publishing got the rights to use the Amber Diceless system and are releasing Lords of Gossamer and Shadow: Diceless Role-Playing via Kickstarter.

A few thing to note:

Rite Publishing understands Patronage Projects. They've been doing such for years. I have faith in their ability to run a successful Kickstarter Project.

They are offering PDFs and the opportunity to get the books s print on demand "at cost". First time I've seen this done, in theory it could really decrease shipping costs to certain countries, and it allows for the stretch goals to be in PDF and Print on Demand, keeping the Kickstarter funds for actual content creation and not printing costs.

I love the art of seen thus far.

I have some serious nostalgia for the Amber Diceless system and Amber itself, even though I thought the setting was a bit restrictive on the system. Which, of course, makes this new setting a win win for me.

F' me! I'm in for $75.

If I'm going to stray far from the OSR, I may as well do it with a system I enjoyed ;)


  1. Wow that looks really good. I had one (bad) experience with Amber Diceless long ago but it had to do with the players, not the system. A chance to revisit it in a more open setting is intriguing. And that art, really good. Damn these Kickstarters!

  2. Thanks for the post Eric

    Steve Russell
    Rite Publishing

  3. Not sure where to stick this.. but many readers would probably like this kickstarter


    About a day left and theres shitloads of stuff at 100 dollar pledge.

  4. ...WHOA! I played a lot of Amber DRPG back in the day, had a blast with it, fell in love with the Amber novels, the whole shebang! Now THIS! I'm in! Somewhere, Erick Wujcik is smiling...

    1. I can't say enough how you made my week pointing out this Kickstarter, Erik! Woohoo!

  5. I've backed multiple Rite Publishing patronage projects in the past and they are a top notch act.


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