Monday, April 22, 2013

An Interesting Swords & Sorcery Kickstarter - Atlantis: The Second Age RPG

Atlantis: The Second Age RPG is based on the classic Atlantean Trilogy by Bard Games. I remember these fondly, although I don't recall ever running it. The setting was nice, and that is what've being reused in this version.

It's not like I NEED another RPG, let along another game system. I'm very happy with the OSR, and Crypts & Things is doing me fine for Swords & Sorcery.

I expect I'll be hopping in on this one anyhow - It looks pretty cool :)

and it's already hit it's funding goal, and it's not promising any stretch goals, which is probably wise.


  1. I backed it. If you have Hellas, it's the same system. Same thing with Talislanta (the latest few editions).

  2. There is an Atlantis: Second Age out now. It was published by Morrigan Press back when they had the Talislanta game too.
    Like all the old Morrigan press stuff, Khepera Publishing has this one too.

    The system (the "Omni System") reminds me a lot of True 20.

    I am not sure how this new one is different.

  3. I gotta say the guy's video was amusing. I might be in for a pdf.

  4. Arcanum was a great alternative to AD&D back in the day. This is quite interesting as kickstarter.


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