Friday, April 26, 2013

Mini Review - Trouble Brewing (Barebones Fantasy)

Barebones Fantasy is one of those games I really need to play. It's simple and flexible, and has the rare ability of being one of the few non-OSR games that I actually can grok.

Trouble Brewing is a BBF adventure that takes place in the Town of Tenkar. Let that settle in for a minute. Yep, same town that was detailed in the Keranak setting supplement. Any world with a Town of Tenkar that is full of taverns and dwarves has to be good ;)

So, Trouble Brewing also has the party being deputized to investigate the source of the acts of violence in town. Man, this adventure really was made for me.

This isn't a huge adventure - most likely it will wrap up in a session or so.

It does look like it should play pretty well, but if I have any complaint it seems a bit linear. Still, that's fairly common with shorter adventures. A good GM can easily work around that but I figured it was worth mentioning.

I'm personally having second thoughts about having a beer tonight after reading this ;P

From the blurb:

Relaxing at a tavern in Tenkar, shedding the dust of the trail from your boots and clothes, you stumble upon a danger that threatens the peace of this town. The local constable and his deputies are too busy dealing with its symptoms to address the cause. Are you and your friends ready to deal with the sinister secret beneath Tenkar?  
This is a rank 1 adventure for the BareBones Fantasy™ role-playing game. It is set in the Keranak Kingdoms™, but could be placed anywhere in any setting. Written by Michael Wall, this is the first in a multiple part story arc which is continued in Slimy Trail of the God-Snail.

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  1. I assume Feltothraxis is the nemesis of the local Bard's Guild, what with his reviews of their tavern performances.


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