Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tenkar's Minor Magical Tidbits - The Dancing Dagger of Darok' Kar

The Dancing Dagger of Darok' Kar is a magical dagger than can fight on it's own, with little or no direction from it's owner. All the owner of the dagger must do is hold the dagger and say "Fight!" and it will engage the nearest hostile opponent. If there is a choice of opponents, it will engage opponents that target it's master first. At no point will it engage opponents further than 10' from it's master.

The Dancing Dagger of Darok' Kar fights with the same to-hit chance as it's owner's base chance. It does not impart a magical bonus to hit or damage, but it is considered to be a +1 weapon to determine creatures it can successfully damage. It can be targeted by a melee attack, and is considered to be AC 0/20 depending on the rules used. If it suffers 8 or more points of damage in a single blow, it falls to the ground until wielded again. It does not otherwise have Hit Points and can only be destroyed in the same manner as other magic items of the like (failed saving throws and such).

Using The Dancing Dagger of Darok' Kar does not use an action - the wielder can deploy the dagger and still attack with the weapon in the same round, or even cast a spell. It is a favored weapon of Arcane casters, as it enables them to engage opponents in melee while still casting spells or standing behind their "meat shields".

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