Friday, October 5, 2012

Next Up - Minor Magiks & Miscellaneous Arcana

Now that Demi-Options: Halflings is out (next in the line should be Dwarves - but I REALLY want to do evils too!) I'm focusing on Minor Magiks & Miscellaneous Arcana.

If you read this blog regularly, you've seen some of my ideas in "Beta Format" with the magic items I've been popping up once a week or so. Some should make it to the first release in this line (I'm hoping for at least 2 volumes).

I'm currently playing catch up with the artist on the project, as some items were named or basically described but not fleshed out on my end, but Teo Tayobobayo has done some amazing work with what I gave him to go with. I'll post a piece or two up when I can, but in the meantime he's the guy doing most of the covers and maps for the recent Toys For the Sandbox Series releases.

As a total aside (and something that deserves it's own post) I am thinking of Monday evening, October 15th for the Labyrinth Lord game. I'll finalize that over the weekend

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