Saturday, October 6, 2012

ENWorld Posts a Paying Gig - Looking For Weekly Columnists

Morrus is looking for weekly columnists at ENWorld. He's paying too. If you get picked for a 4 week trial, it's $10 a week for 1k-2k words. If you stick, it goes up to $25 a week.

Before you dismiss this as chicken feed, I blog 3-4 times a day, 90+ entries a month, and I pay Google $10 a year for the pleasure of having my own direct web address - TenkarsTavern.com. This is not a paying gig. The referrals I get from RPGNow pay for occasional review material, but more likely starting next month it will pay to ship out physical prizes for the monthly DCC RPG Contests. I'd make more with one ENWorld article than I do with a month of blog posts.

So, if you think you can write a 1K+ word article once a week and get it out on time, you might want to read what Morrus has to say below:

I'm looking for a half-dozen or so new weekly columnists to add to our current roster with a goal of providing new content every single day.
The subject is fairly wide open - any tabletop gaming subject (we're not just about D&D any more and haven't been for a long time) with humor, news, opinion, and advice prioritized over gaming content (of which there is plenty already out there). I'm not interested in reviewers at present; we're very well covered there.
A writing sample and a column pitch would be ideal. It's for a weekly column, so requires 1000-2000 words at the same time each week. To be honest, I'm willing to take a bit of a risk here - so as long as the writing is good and the pitch isn't ridiculous, I'd be willing to trial it for four weeks at a minimal pay level (say $10 per article) and if it finds an audience contract it for longer at $25 per article. It's not megabucks, but it adds up over time - more than enough to buy 2-3 RPG books each month.
Reliability is vital. Be sure you can do it on time every week without fail. I get a lot of people offer to do things but not follow through, so please be sure you have the time. 
If you're interested, drop the sample and pitch to me at morrus@hotmail.com. There's a good chance I'll give you a try for a month, unless your writing is truly diabolical or your pitch idea is just too far out there. No reviewers, though, remember; and gaming content itself won't be high priority.
 So, I've got a lot of pitches. Problem is, most of them are pretty much identical - they're all the same very-serious gaming advice column with a different name. I'd love to see a bit more variety in the pitches!

So, there you have it - your chance to be a paid professional in the RPG field. If any of my readers make a pitch and get picked, let me know, and I'll make sure to throw traffic your way ;)


  1. $10-$25 is hilarious; for me that'd be a positive deterrent, compared to doing it for free.

  2. I dunno.

    100 bucks a month for 10-20 pages of writing? not all that bad, considering the industry.

    $25 for a 1000 word article is 2.5 cents a word. obviously the word value goes down if you write a longer article

    It might be on the low end of the hobby scale, but I've seen worse.

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  4. Yeah, I'll write a post about them being mindless slaves to the most recent edition and how they have their heads so far up WotC's ass they are on the payroll.

    October 6, 2012 10:16 PM

  5. I sent a pitch, and plan working on a sample. $10 - 25 might not seem like much, but if you enjoy doing it? Man, that's almost like free money!


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