Monday, October 1, 2012

More Thoughts on "Attacking the Darkness" - BAD ASS

Yep, I've got some more ideas for the Attacking the Darkness idea I wrote about yesterday.

First off, every subsystem needs an awesome acronym, so I'm introducing:

BAD ASS - Benefits from Attacking the Darkness, Advantages Shared and Simple

Attacking the Darkness: On a natural roll of 1, the character in question "Attacks the Darkness". Roll damage as if you had a successful hit. These points are added to the BAD ASS Pool.

BAD ASS Pool: Points are placed by the party in the BAD ASS Pool as described above. Points are accumulated in a per session manner, and unused points will be "cashed out" at the end of the game session.

At 25 points (and each interval of 25) the party has the option of converting 25 points into a BAD ASS token (you can use coins or just make a note of it). The BAD ASS Token, or BAT, can be used to reroll certain rolls during the game session. Some examples are as follows:

- A single attack roll (but not a natural 1)

- A saving throw

- An initiative roll (group or individual, depending on system used)

- A damage roll for a weapon or spell

- A skill roll, such as a thief's open locks or an elf's hear noise chance.

- A moral roll for a party member's henchman.

Points spent on BATs can't be cashed out at the end of the gaming session. They are gone.

Unused BATs can't be saved between sessions and will expire and the end of the gaming session.

Cashed out points are converted into expo on a 1 to 1 basis multiplied by the receiving character's level. Everyone in the party gets the full value of the cashed out points - they are not divided amongst the players.

I'll find out next Saturday how good my players are at accumulating and using their BAD ASS BATs 

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