Monday, October 1, 2012

Looking at Another Piece of Art From the DCC Rulebook - Treasure Trove

I was flipping through the DCC RPG rulebook just now, and I came across the above piece of art. I have no idea what it's proper name is, but I'm calling it Treasure Trove.

It got me thinking. Magic items are pretty rare and unique in the DCC RPG, and in this picture we have a sword, a dagger, a shield and a scroll. The sword itself is definitely "radiating" magic. There also appear to be magic torches shedding light on the whole scene.

Personally, I love it, because you know the two PCs that we see are expecting the other shoe to drop. Heck, the items are either on top of an altar or a sarcophagus - nothing good can happen when the sticky fingers start removing the loot.

Damn, this would make for an awesome image for the PCs to see in Barrowmaze 1 or 2.

And crap, never did do my magic item of the week this weekend. I'll have to bang it out either tonight or tomorrow.

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