Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's Official, I'm Published - Demi-Options: Halflings is Live!

Awesome! Demi-Options: Halflings is now live!

I'm now in the same set of sights as other published authors when it comes to criticism ;)

I'm happy I got this out and that I have another project nearly completed.

After that, maybe I'll work on some Dwarven Classes!  heh

From the blurb (that I wrote):

Ever want to do an all Halfling party, but 6 Halfling thieves just wasn't going to be to your, or your players', satisfaction?

Are you tired of ALWAYS having to play a fighter when you want to be the Dwarf?

Ever want something more than playing a human based class in Elvish body?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Demi-Options was written with you in mind.

With Demi-Options, as the GM you are presented with multiple class options broken down by race.

Broadly, they cover the four basic human classes, but tweaked and reworked from the demi-human point of view. They are presented as options. As the GM, you can use all, some or none as options for yourPCs. Some may fit well with your campaign ideas, while others may not mesh as cleanly. You may decide to restrict them to NPCs only, but it's my hope you'll open at least some of them for your players to use.

As a player, Demi-Options is your chance to stray away from the Dwarven Fighter or Halfling Thief archetypes. Become a Dwarven Spelunker, setting traps for the goblins and attacking them by surprise.
Inspire your party to greatness as a Halfling Lorister. 

Break the old mold and embark on a new path.


  1. @RC - thanks!

    my minor magic items collection is almost complete (damn artist is outpacing me now it seems ;)

    we'll see what the future holds from there

  2. Congrats! Yep, now bloggers will their criticisms with you. Welcome to the other side. :)

  3. @John Adams - Thanks! I couldn't spend all my time playing flag football - need to move up to touch, or even tackle ;)

  4. Just bought it. Not because I actually need it, but because I like your site and want to support people doing stuff like this. :) In particular I like the Halfling Adventurer and Dogde Fatal Blow. Very evocative. Also really like the Warder. Although, after reading the Lorister and Brewmaster, it feels a little light.

    But, I would totally play one given the opportunity.

    Well done.

  5. @mbeacom - thank you very much for having faith in me :)

    The great thing about PDF releases (other than the fact that they don't take up limited space on my shelves) is that they can be tweaked or even grow after release.

    I have some more ideas for halflings, and they will make their first appearance here when i do, and then they will make it into the current PDF.

    My next project is different in nature - if you've enjoyed my weekly magic items over the course of the last month or two, you should fine it very useful.

    I need to play catch up with the project's artist, who did some amazing work in a very short time. I'll see if I can sneak a peek or two for the blog readers.


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