Monday, October 15, 2012

Remember My Rant on the One Hour Game Session?

How much time is left in the session?
Remember my Rant on Mike Mearls' One Hour D&D session? I now find myself in the position of writing and running a one hour demo for AetherCon using the Swords & Wizardry rules (probably core, but may go as low as White Box in complexity).

This isn't a 1 hour session as part of a series of sessions constituting a campaign, but a 1 hour session including setup, encounters and hopefully a satisfactory conclusion.

Oh, and I have to ensure I can scale it for variable party numbers.

I should have known my words would come back to haunt me ;)


  1. Bastard blogger ate my comment.

    Anyway, chickens roosting...

    Also, laughed at this in the original article:

    "I can then spend that XP for one battle, lots of little battles, or just sprinkle monsters in an environment as I choose. (sounds like the Bob Ross style of adventure design)"

    Yeah, we need some happy little orcs right along this ridge, here. Look how happy they are, what with the rampaging and killing! What fun!

  2. and you get to use your "magic white" paint ;)

  3. One problem to solve, one monster to fight, sounds simple enough to me.

  4. Use pregens- with a picture or mini to let people pick the one the looks of which they like.

    Then key the opponents to the characters chosen.
    e.g. This fighter is worth two goblins, the MU with Sleep is worth 4, the Thief just one goblin.

    No one picks a Thief, no point if having that lock to pick. And no one is going to be climbing that wall- so there better be some crates in the last room they can stack or somesuch.


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