Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Let Shorty Monster Hook You up With a Free NPC :)

Paul Thornton, proprietor of the Shorty Monster blog has surpassed 10k views on his site, and wants to share some love. Paul has offered to do a free NPC write up for anyone that comments on the blog post linked above.

The more info you give him of what you want, the more he will tailor it for you.

I might ask for a fleshed out one armed halfling bandit lord. Just because ;)


  1. that's six done already, and it's been a great exercise for me. really got the creative muscles pumping. Keep them coming though, the offer lasts a whole month!

  2. Wow! Thanks Tavern dwellers, and the management! passed 15k last night mostly on the back of this offer, and if it wasn't for the support of other bloggers, there's no way that would have happened. You need anything from me, just ask!


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