Monday, October 15, 2012

It's a Good Day For Kickstarters - Ruins of Ramat (DCC RPG Appendix N) and tremulous PDFs in Hand

Alright, its kind of hard to actually call PDFs as being something "in hand", but I got my links to both the DCC RPG Adventure Ruins of Ramut (the first of the DCC RPG Adventures in the Appendix N line) and tremulous (notice the lack of a capital "T" in the title), the storytelling game of Lovecraftian horror today and I'm happy as a cultist in a pile of poop. Good, sacrificial poop. Heh

Ruins of Ramut is a Zero level funnel for DCC. I have yet to read it through, but I like the art and I love the map. Just like the pieces from Goodman Games, the map could be sold as an art print. Nicely done.

Tremulous comes in at nearly 250 pages. This is going to take some reading. It's based on Apocalypse World, but the writing isn't the faux "I'm so fucking cool and so fucking insane" bullshit that turned me off to AW, so hopefully I can read through this and just lose whatever sanity I would lose to the Mythos anyway. I can't throw tremulous against  the wall in frustration like I did my paperback copy of Apocalypse World - at least not without likely destroying my Google Nexus Tablet ;)

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