Friday, October 19, 2012

An Very Interesting Kickstarter - Magicians: A Language Learning RPG

Foreign languages are, for me at least, literally foreign. I crapped out in High School Spanish and German. I then proceeded to crap out in college Spanish and German. It doesn't come easy to me, if it even comes at all.

Which is probably why I find Magicians: A Language Learning RPG so damn interesting. To get more powerful in game, you literally need to be able to say the actual words to invoke higher level spells - that just happen to be in Korean.

Depending on the player, that can be one hell of a carrot.

Apparently I'm not the only one that sees it like this either: it has more than doubled it's 3k goal and has 30 days left to fund. Not too shabby at all (and a very pleasant change to some of the Kickstarters I've highlighted recently).

A small piece from the site, just to explain what Magicians is:

Magicians is about having unlimited creativity without complexity. The only thing that restrains you and your character is your own knowledge of the language because the magic system in the game is a language. Doing away with the necessity of a teacher or even dice, all you need is your smartphone and a few hours a week to game with friends to have fun telling a great story and to learn a language along the way. 
Magicians will connect you to your character, motivate and push you to do more, learn more and make you feel like you're living out one of your favorite fantasy novels. People who love books like the Harry Potter series, the Earthsea books or The Magicians will have a great time using Magicians to tell coming of age stories about students of magic learning about power and responsibility, pride and humility, trying to grow up with the ability to remake the world at their fingertips. 

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