Monday, August 13, 2012

Where Upon I Eat a Side Dish of Crow

The pissing match that I was having with Vince is over. Although I am happy with the  amicable resolution, I can't say I'm terribly pleased with my heavy handedness in the beginning.

It is easy to step over the line when communication is never face to face - and I did. I'm not saying Vince didn't respond in kind, but I fired the first volley.

Vince has kindly agreed to my suggestion, and is now credited with "additional writing and editing" for Mazes & Perils. I don't know if it was an easy decision for him, but it was the right one. Might have been an easier one of I hadn't started out with two feet on the Irish side of the road (I inherited that with marriage I think).

So, I thank Vince and I apologize for the excessive attitude. I get Grumpy sometimes ;)

(this would be snappier and have links and stuff, but I'm operating from my tablet)

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for this. I know you didn't have to write this, but its very nice of you to do so. Also its Gencon week, if you're going, have a good time.


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