Saturday, August 18, 2012

Two Days Left in the Poll - 245 Votes So Far!

I am continually being humbled by the response of the readers of this blog. First, last months DCC RPG contest, which had 133 entries. Now, the poll thats been running for the last 5 days (2 days left as I write this) - 245 votes.

245 votes in 5 days.

I would have been happy with 100 before the poll closed, and we might come close to 300 at this rate. If that isn't a humbling experience, I don't know what is.

I'm kind of surprised at the extremely low number of 1 on 1 play - I somehow expected that number to me larger. Not large, but larger.

Looking forward to the final results. :)


  1. To me GM+4 is the ideal number. It's what we usually have in my group.

  2. I got my start DM+1 but it's really hard to DM for just one player. I felt like I was a single core computer processor trying to run a brand new video game. With more players, the world 'happens' a bit more, and the DM can let things develop a bit more.


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