Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The More I Look at Scott's Header For This Blog, the More I Love It

When I first saw Scott Ackerman's completed work for this blog (displayed above) I immediately loved it. I also thought I might have to tweak some things about the blog itself (such as the default colors I use) to make it work with the blog. That reaction was based upon seeing the art alone, and on my tablet.

Now that I've seen the header art on my 27" screen at home, I'm not changing a thing! Holy shit, but Scott did an amazing job matching up to and complimenting the colors I use on this blog.  As someone else said, it lightens my page and integrates perfectly.

Great work and a great eye by Scott. I'm even more floored than I was before.


  1. That is fricking great. Hell of a job Scott. The only thing missing is a busty barmaid.


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