Saturday, August 18, 2012

The ENnies Are In - So, When Do We Get the OSRies?

The ENnie Awards have been awarded. Notice a severe lack of anything vaguely OSR related? Not that it surprises me, as we are a "Niche Within a Niche" (some folks get all pissy when that is said, but it is true). Still, it would be nice for some of the publishers, games and products we all use and love to get some recognition.

I know we have NTRPG Con's Three Castles Award, but it really doesn't get much notice. I'm not sure if it's the size of the con, lack of awareness amongst the publishers and blogs or what. It would be nice to have an award for the OSR that was not only recognized but involved the larger OSR community in deciding who gets an award (and recognition).

So, thoughts? Ideas? Stupid idea?


  1. I've actually been thinking the same thing in the past few weeks. An "Ossie" would be quite appropriate, I think.

  2. Great minds think alike Joseph ;)

    That being said, I wouldn't even be sure what direction to tak this - therefore the open call for ideas.

  3. You could run it here, or a provisional version at least. The Tavern is a good choice of base given how much you read and review, and the number of readers. Look at how well the recent contest went.

    You could have an open post for nominations and take them for a week, a fortnight or whatever. Maybe even follow the One Page Dungeon flexible categories approach, with commenters suggesting what these should be. Then skim off, say, the top three highest ranking nominations in each category and run one poll for each category, again for a week, a fortnight etc.

    A lot of us could probably chip in with prizes, but might be best offering them behind the scenes to avoid influencing the voting, in that some of the prizes could be natural nominees.

  4. We got one:

  5. That's actually a pretty good pick of winners Zak, and damn close to what I'd pick - but it doesn't address getting the OSR community involved.

    You, me, NTRPG - we can all pick our favorites, but that doesn't mean it reflects the community's will.

    It would be nice if we had something that did.

  6. I don't think most of the DCC stuff was even up this year based on release date, so hopefully there will be some better representation on that front next year.

    I think an OSR award thing would be awesome. From what I gather, managing awards is one of those tasks that mushrooms pretty quickly, and how much the awards mean is often perversely proportional to how much time goes into carrying them off!

    But it would be cool!

  7. If any can figure out how to do it, it'd be you Erik. Maybe get James Smith, of that OSR news blog, involved. Or Matt Finch.

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