Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tenkar's Magical Tidbits: Azlyn's Serving Tray (and Shield)

Heres this weekend's magical tidbit:

Azlyn's Serving Tray 

This is a round serving tray in appearance, approximately 2' in diameter and made out of silver. It has etchings in the silver of mountains and the like. When placed against the owner's forearm, it adheres to the arm as if attached as a normal shield. In combat, it is as effective as a normal shield but it is highly resistant to damage. On a roll 1 point less than what is needed to hit the user of the shield there is a chance that the opponent's weapon might get stuck. A strength check vs DC 10 must be made by the attacker or the weapon becomes stuck to the shield. Depending on the size of the weapon, this can make things awkward for the owner of the shield. (it is also highly effective at reflecting gaze attacks)

When used as a serving tray, items carried by the tray will not fall or slip, although drinks may spill from their containers.

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