Friday, June 1, 2012

I Am a Warrior - Dungeon Crawl Classics Style

My Warrior Tastes Like Chicken!
I am my own random number generator, as I randomly bounce through the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG.

Tonight I'm looking at the Warrior.  The Warrior gets a few neat things.  Really neat things.

First, he gets a "Deed Die".  It starts at 1d3 and moves up in die size with each level (the higher levels get 1d10+x).  What does a Deed Die do?  (say that 5 times fast)  It grants it's rolled bonus to both the hit roll and the damage roll of the Warrior.  As far as attacks go, this is in lieu of a fixed attack modifier.  The die is rolled with each attack, and the bonus from that roll is applied to both the attack die and the damage die.

Now, the Deed Die has another use.  It can be used to accomplish combat maneuvers that might be consider skills or feats in another system.  If its a dramatic type of maneuver or attack, you would declare a Mighty Deed of Arms.  Roll 3 or higher on your Deed Die AND successfully attack and your deed works.  Want to trip someone?  Entangle?  Push them off a ledge?  Called shot to the eyes?  Push back the rushing enemies?  Jump out of a window on top of your enemy? This is how you do it.  Oh, and from the way I read the section, if you hit you also do normal damage (but the Deed Die is NOT added to the damage sum - it is however {I think} added to the attack roll).

Critical hits are a section unto themselves.  Suffice to say the Warrior has the potential to crit more than others.

Warriors also add their level to their initiative rolls, and add their luck modifier (if they have one) to a specific type of weapon (longsword or mace or dagger, etc).

I'm beginning to really like the look of the Warrior class.  I may have to look at Wizards next, but their spell charts scare me :(


  1. Hmmm. I may have to borrow this for Resolute... you roll your D12 attack, and your special ability is linked to a D6... your special ability rating becomes the number or lower you need for the ability to work. As a fighter, you have an attack +8 but your combat maneuvers ability (we'll call it for now) is +4. You add the +8 to all attacks, but when you try a combat maneuver, you roll D6 and if you get 4 or lower, the maneuver works.

    This is a VERY nifty idea. Thanks for sharing what you're finding.

  2. Actually 'What does a deed die do?' rolls off the tongue rather readily. Once you get into a rhythm it sort sounds like Scat jazz singing.

    Just picked up DCC at my VFLGS a couple of hours ago. So, do I cut those stupid bushes back this weekend, or...something else? Hmm.


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