Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bouncing Through the DCC RPG With Reckless Abandon - And Then Distracted by the Art

Wouldn't You Want THIS As a Framed Print in Your Man-Cave?
Cat wrestling time here at the Tavern - which means it's cat vs man on top of the keyboard!  I think I've won, for now.

In any case, Game Knight Reviews has been doing a wonderful multipart look at the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG.  You really should take a look if you've been enjoying my ramblings on the DCC RPG.

One of my biggest surprises is how much I dislike the DCC Beta that came out last summer, yet I love the final result.  I'm not sure if my perspective changed, the rules change that much, or if it was a combination of the two.  I suspect it was the latter.  I'm finding that my desires to run an Old School style RPG fall to the likes of ACKS, LotFP's Weird Fantasy and Dungeon Crawl Classics.  The systems are far from similar (with the exception that they are all OGL based OSR type games) as far as D&D rooted games go, but they all take the preconceived notion of what one expects from the classic RPG engine and pushes it just a tad beyond.  Familiar and yet not.

As far as DCC goes, I'm bouncing around it's nearly 500 pages with reckless abandon.  At some point I'm going to have to force myself to actually read it from front to back, but for now I'm fairly random in the pieces that I'm reading and it's doing me fine.  Did I mention the art is so damn good it's almost distracting?  Really.  I said it about the maps that were in DCC # 67 and I'll say it in regards to the DCC RPG - Sell the artwork as fucking prints!  Do you know how many man caves could be saved from the typical boring decorating that men do?  You would be doing the RPG community a needed service and adding income for both the artists and Goodman Games, which could only lead to more and better products.

Hmmm - it MAY be a sin for a cleric to heal someone one step away from them in alignment and it pretty much IS a sin for them to heal someone two steps away from them in alignment.  Another reason besides the ability to wield swords to choose to be a neutral cleric.  Oh, I did mention that the clerics alignment decides what weapons they are proficient in, didn't I?  Yep, I'm still bouncing ;)


  1. hmmmm.. All I read was the beta release.. maybe I should give the final a look...


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