Monday, May 28, 2012

The Dead, The ACKS and the DCC

I got some decent cemetery photos yesterday, including the circle of Civil War soldiers. A lot has been done to the site. I'll try to post some later today

Whereas before it was partially hidden, as it was on a small hill surrounded by by trees, the trees have now been cleared out. A new memorial stone has been placed, a flag staff is in the middle of the circle and a small flag has been placed at each tombstone for the Memorial Day holiday here in the states. It no longer seems so ominous.

I did stay clear of my ACKS game over the weekend, not that it was ominous or anything. I just find I'm doing little things for it constantly, as I love doing it, but figured taking 2 days off completely as we had our Saturday off from gaming, would give me a set of fresh eyes. So, for the lads in my ACKS campaign, I'll be addressing your questions and concerns shortly ;)

Yes, more DCC coming later today if I can find the time. Probably a review of DCC #66.5 - Doom of the Savage Kings. It came with the preorders of the DCC RPG.

Alright, back to this thing called work ;)

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