Thursday, May 31, 2012

Three Years and Counting - The Year of Leather?

Yep, Tenkar's Tavern hits 3 years of age today (although my first post was in 2008, it was pretty much just to grab the name for the blog). Over 1800 posts. I'm surprised and not the least bit amazed. I don't think I expected to still be doing this after so much time, let alone still enjoy it.

I'm still doing it and I'm still enjoying it. ;)

So, if this was a wedding the gift would be "leather". What kind of cheap armor is that? I'd want plate, or at the very least chain... heh.

Back to our regularly scheduled posting later this evening...


  1. Huzzah! Here's to another three years of keg-tapping!

  2. Congrats to a really cool member of the RPG blog community! I'm looking forward to a lot more great stuff in the future from the Tavern!

  3. Great to have you blogging Tenkar. You are definitely one of the ones who makes it a pleasure. Too many more years. To you and Feltothraxis.

  4. Feltothraxis has been hibernating. I think it's time to bring him out again ;)

    Thanks folks - it's people like you that keep me blogging :)

  5. Congratulations! 3 years in the blogosphere is about 2 and half years beyond forever.

    I always have a great time reading your posts.


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