Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Putting Some DCC in my ACKS, or Some ACKS in my DCC

My ACKS campaign resumes this saturday after taking a weekend off. I'm very excited and nervous as all hell. Why? Because I'm running this as sandboxie as I can, and now that the initial story line is complete and the players have established their PCs, I need to make sure the have enough rumors and leads that they can make their own choice. Or they might go off on an unexpected tangent. So, I'm both excited and nervous.

I do want to bring some of the DCC attitude to my ACKS campaign. So I'll be spending some creative time thinking up some unique adversaries for them and some background rational for why they are and where they are and how they are and all of the other "are's" that I haven't thought up yet. Even of the players never learn of the background, I'll know it and it will make running these adversaries (monsters or otherwise) much easier for me.

Then again, one of my favorite monsters from AD&D were Mongrelmen, and they happen to be individually unique by nature. If my players are reading this - do not expect Mongrelmen to be part of any plot. Really. Maybe.

Now, if I were to run a DCC campaign, I'd want to use the Death and Dismemberment tables from ACKS in the game, as I think they are very suitable for the type of gaming DCC encourages.

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