Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday is Sales Day! Castles & Crusades and More

Some quick "Player Service Announcements":

The Trolls are running a sale at RPGNow -
Holy Carolina! We are very happy to see the full release, print and pdf, of Classic Monsters! This book is blasting off the shelf...digital and physical. To celebrate and give everyone a chance to see what Castles and Crusades is all about we are launching a limited 30% off sale on the digital copies of the two core books: The Players Handbook and Monsters and Treasure. To boot we are dropping all adventure prices by 75%! (S2 - Dwarven Glory is $1.02, S4 Lion in the Ropes is $.99 - at these prices you can easily convert the adventures to other OSR systems if you want to)  This is a limited time offer so be sure to get yours today!
 Castles & Crusades is the Rosetta stone of RPGS. With its easy to use Siege Engine you'll see why the edition wars are meaningless as C&C offers you the game you want to play! Its bare knuckles role playing at its best!

But wait!  There's more!  Occult Moon has dropped the price on OSS:  The Forgotten Outpost to $2.99
In the hills around the city of Bear's Paw lies a long forgotten outpost that has fallen into ruins. There are many legends told about this hidden landmark, and rumors of treasures lying inside are told around warm fires. Many have made their way into the dark underbelly of this stony memorial seeking fortune and glory, but none have ever returned.  Will you be the first adventurers to uncover the secrets buried there?
Be prepared for a fight as you embark on this adventure to uncover the truth behind the legends. Kobolds, gnolls, traps, and secrets lay in wait for you in this dungeon crawl into The Forgotten Outpost! Adventure suitable for adventurers level 3 to 5 ish for what ever Old School Sh*t you play.
Edit:  LotFP has some "scuffed" specials going on at the moment: (thanks to Conner Uber on G+)

WF Grindhouse Edition is 20 euro (with free PDF), down from 32.50 euro  (I've said it before and I'll say it again, the LotFP WF Referee book is probably worth the price of admission alone - everything else is a bonus).
Carcosa is also 20 euro scuffed, down from 32 euro

Alright, back to regular posting.  The Grumpy Dwarf is already cracking his knuckles ;)

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