Friday, May 4, 2012

Final Preparation Before Opening the Sandbox

My new ACKS campaign kicks off tomorrow.  Needless to say, I keep on changing things up, trying to prepare myself for my players zigging when I'm prepared for a zag.

Then I realized... I don't have a starting location.  I have the immediate sandbox, I had the larger sandbox, lots of stuff for the sandbox to keep the players busy, but I didn't have a sizable town for them to start in.  What's a poor DM to do?

Dark Times in Brighton.  Actually printed it out double sided and stapled it together.  All proper like.  Did the same with some short 2 and 3 page adventures / locations /etc.

Not sure how much I'll use from Dark Times in Brighton besides the town, but there's enough to keep the party occupied for a bit as they find out about other hooks. Every trip, even in a sandbox, requires a starting point.  Now i have one :)


  1. i'm definitely going to try to throw a zag or two your way. :) looking forward to tomorrow. what time? til when? am i the only one on g+ video chat? is it flailsnails compatible for others to join in? random weekly pickup players welcome, or are you hoping for a steady group of the same players?

  2. As I live in Brighton, I can't help but chuckle at that title.

  3. @joethelawyer - have you been getting any of the posting i've been sending to my ACKS circle on the game? you are in the circle

    assuming that "joe thelawyer" is you... damn that would suck if there are two of you and i added the wrong one ;)

    no flailsnails - steady group of 4 (may add one or two after we get our feet wet)

    i answered your thief house rule question on g+ too.

    let me know if you aren't getting it

  4. What a great looking cover on that book..

  5. it's a nice little quasi-sandbox - i expect it to work well as an initial home base


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