Friday, May 4, 2012

Movie Review - The Avengers

Can I make this simple and to the point?

You'll laugh, you'll cry (and laugh), cheer, and laugh some more.

I drank a large (movie sized) soda and never once got up to pee.  There was no time to do so.  The movie MOVES constantly.

My one complaint:  Why is every NYC cop portrayed in movies as some late 1950's Brooklynite?  "Ey!  I'm talkin' ta youse!"  Sorry, I don't talk that way, 99% of my fellow officers don't talk that way, but the one talking scene with a NYPD Sergeant sounds like it's cribbed from a B&W movie I'd catch on AMC.

Yep, my only complaint.

As usual with the Marvel Movies these days, you need to sit through the credits.  So sit, don't fucking stand in front of your seats as the rest of us are fucking sitting as were watching the credits scroll by so we can catch the two epilogue easter eggs thrown in.  Sit, read some emails or send some texts on your phone, but just please sit!


  1. Speaking of the cops, I liked the fact they were not inept like usual in these types of movies. Sure the superheores were the super-heroes but the cops still did their job.

  2. Good point Callin. Yeah, the cops weren't running or just standing there, waiting to be killed.

    The Army response was way too quick. They didn't have boots on the streets of NYC until the days after 9-11

    That being said, it was nice to see heroes that weren't all superheroes ;)

  3. Two epilogues? Damn, we got ripped off here in Korea. We sat through to the end of the credits, but there was only one. Guess I'm gonna have to go Googling.

  4. it doesn't reveal anything like the first one did. it's more of a goof, but an entertaining goof ;)


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