Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Apocalyptic Thoughts

Last night was another nite of Arcane Apocalypse, Charles Jaimet's hack of Apocalypse World into something more suitable for fantasy. It really is a blast, and when Charles releases his baby into the wild (I don't believe it has been yet) you do need to grab a copy. As an aside, I found it a much easier read than AW, but that may be partly due to my grounding in the fantasy genre.

Still, just like in AW, Arcane Apocalypse is a world of grey moral choices. Actually, let me rephrase that, it is a grey world full of complicated webs of intrigue, and the deck of life is stacked against those that try to maintain a sense of morality.

Maybe that's why I enjoy the sessions as much as I do. It's easy for your character to be "good", when being good is rewarded. It's much harder to maintain that goal, when being "good" probably isn't to your benefit.

We've had some amazing roleplaying so far, especially as characters try to do what is right (or at least not do what they perceive as wrong) and try to figure out how to survive being caught in a web without sacrificing your fellow players.

Great session lads, even if I was under the influence of heavy meds for my allergies from hell. God, I really hate this spring's wacky weather ;)

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