Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mini Review - Toys For The Sandbox #7: The Coachman's Inn

I'm a big fan of the Toys For the Sandbox series and have been since the first one.  The fine folks at Occult Moon Games also have added a free "# 00" to the series, so you can always check it out for free to see if you may like the series.

Alright, onward to The Coachman's Inn.  As usual, we get a map, 6 possible hooks (each with 3 possible twists), 4 NPCs, a rumor table and random table for special items available on the market.  The usual good stuff from the Toys For the Sandbox series.

What's really nice about The Coachman's Inn is that the plot hooks could work at pretty much any inn or tavern, they aren't limited to the scenario / setting presented.

If I have one complaint, and it's minor, is that the default location calls for The Coachman's Inn to lie at a sort of neutral ground where the borders of four kingdoms meet.  While it sounds kinda neat in theory, it's also damn rare, especially when boundaries would usually follow terrain features.  Easy enough to hand wave away, but when you are trying to make something easy to drop into a campaign, less detailed... details... would have worked better.

Still, love the hooks and the twists.  Overall, another excellent effort (with the one minor quibble).

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