Friday, March 9, 2012

Feast or Famine - At What Point Do You Have to Say "No" to Gaming?

I went though a number of years where I wasn't able to get any table top RPGing in.  Whether it was face to face or a virtual table top, my gaming was nonexistent.

From there I found myself some fairly regular gaming via Fantasy Grounds, which was cool while it lasted.  I followed that up with a dry spell.

Virtually the same week I started playing in a weekly D&D game via G+ Hangout I also started attending weekly sessions of Games That Can Not Be Named.  I went from no gaming to gaming twice a week, and an opportunity for a third session - my wife, who had encouraged me to get myself back into gaming, would have rightfully killed me if I had opted for the third.

I'm down to just the Saturday night game now, so when I was offered a spot in a Apocalypse World game this sunday night via G+ Hangout with some really great gamers (more on that after the game) I couldn't say no.  I guess I'll see if it really does play better than the mess it is written as ;)

Mere hours afterwards, I got an invite to James Mal's Dwimmermount game for tonight via G+ Hangout.  Hangout is outa control!  heh.  I had to pass until a later time with James, as gaming all three nights on the weekend would have gotten me some wife agro.  I might be knew to this, but I'm a quick learner.

So, what's your weekly limit of gaming goodness?


  1. I'm running into something just like this. I have my steady Monday night AD&D game, been playtesting a game that shan't be named, I may join a semi monthly GURPS game and will start a Weird Adventure game this Wednesday. Ivy has not whacked me with her whisk...yet. Not to mention the work I am doing on a zine. Good grief, now that I'm looking at it I think I am doing too much gaming.

  2. My husband and I are equally nerdy, so spouse aggro isn't ever the issue for us. For me, I have to draw the line because of my ridiculous work schedule---I work 11-hour days a couple of times a week, and I have to leave some of my other evenings free just to catch up on my rest. While gaming usually relaxes me, I pass on any game that will take up so much time that it adds more stress than it alleviates.

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  4. I've recently come up against this question as well... I've been running a weekly Labyrinth Lord game for the past year, and for some time that was the only gaming I'd do regularly. Then at the end of 2011 a sudden explosion of games happened and I also started playing in 3 on-going campaigns run by other people. People kept suggesting cool sounding games, and I kept saying "ooh yes please!".

    It wasn't long before it got too much though, and I found myself not looking forward to playing. So I dropped out of all but one of the games (a monthly Greyhawk AD&D game), and now focus my RPG time on doing what I really love -- DMing :)

    It was a really useful test though, to kind of throw myself into the gaming gauntlet and work out what is a good balance for me.

  5. I run a weekly game and play in a game every other week, but I'd limit myself two two games a week solely because I need time to prep. I would, however, like to get in another game every so often... oh, and I playing a PbP game on G+, which is easy.


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