Monday, March 5, 2012

Announcing the Winners of the 200+ Tavern Followers Contest - Name Your Favorite Non-OSR RPG

My God, but that was a long title :)

Alright, we have a total of 13 prizes to give away.  Between 27 entries on the blog, 12 entries via G+ and one via email.  That gives us an even 40 - d20 and a d6 for the win :)

First up is the $10 Gift Certificate to RPGNow - and the winner is - Drance!

Next is the Dead Tree copy of Castle of the Dead - A Tunnels & Trolls Solo.  As an unannounced bonus, I'm throwing in an original copy of T&T 4e (I have two) - The Tunnels & Trolls Print Combo goes to  - Tim Shorts!  (Tim will need to get me his snail mail address - everyone else will need to get me email addresses)

Next up is Red Tide for Labyrinth Lord - and the winner is - James Kennedy (over at G+)

Congrats folks!

Now for the winners of their pick of Toys For the Sandbox (follow the link and tell me which (1)one you want)



Kelvin Green

Michael Bolam





Ben McKee (G+)

Christopher Wood (G+)

Congrats to all!

So, what you need to do is email me at erikATtrubluniteDOTnet

I need the email address that is associated with your RPGNow / DriveThruRPG account.  In the case of the gift certificate, you'll get an email from the kind folks at RPGNow with the certificate code you will use to enter the credit on your account.

For the rest, I need it so I can purchase the gift and have it applied to the account that matches your email.

Except for Tim.  He needs to send me his snail mail.

Be kinda and reply promptly, so I can save a little cash buying these at GM Day Sale prices ;)


  1. Erik, feel free to pass my prize along to another person, I already own all the Toys series. Thanks for the offer though! Woohooo! I never win anything!

  2. reroll is my email entrant - lets see what he chooses ;)

  3. I entered just for the fun of it, so please pass on the prize to someone else. Thank you though!

  4. Woohoo! You like me, you really like me! I promised myself I wouldn't cry...

    Seriously, thanks a lot! This is awesome! I will send you an email anon!

  5. i should be taking care of the folks that have already emailed me when i get home from work - it aint easy to do all this from the ipad.

    tim may have to wait for me to mail his stuff on saturday, unless i can convince on of my staff to make a post office trip bbefore then ;)

  6. just checked my list - "matt", not "matt jackson" won a copy of Toys For the Sandbox - hit me up lad

    for the others - gifts directly to your accounts should be posting shortly

    drance - for your's i have to email rpgnow, so give it up to 24 hrs

    tim - for you i need to hit the post office - might not ship until saturday

  7. No problem. Will give me something to look forward to next week.


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