Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Free Toys For the Sandbox: Wizards Tower

Yep, the fine folks over at Occult Moon are giving away their latest Toys For the Sandbox:  Wizard Tower for free.  You heard that right.  Free.

Now, truth be told they cost less than a buck each normally, which is a bargain and a half.  If you read this blog of mine, you know I love the series.  Heck, I even gave away 10 copies in my latest contest - winners got to choose their pick.

Today, Occult Moon gives their latest away for free.  There's a bonus involved too.  If they can get 250 downloads in the first 24 hours, the folks that picked up their free copy in those 24 hours will be receiving a second Toys For the Sandbox for free.  That second one will be an exclusive for those that helps hit the 250 mark.  How's that for an incentive to try something that is free?

Get one free... and get another for free ;)

Hey, I want my exclusive!  So go get some!


  1. Cool :)

    I believe they are on pace to meet if not exceed their goal of 250 DLs in 24 hrs, which means a free exclusive for those that got in during the first 24 hrs

  2. Grabbed. Thanks for the news. Now...How do I know if I was in the first 24? [sob]

  3. first 24 hours ;)

    if 250 or more are downloaded in the first 24 hrs, all those that downloaded in the first 24 hrs get an exclusive ;)


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