Friday, March 9, 2012

Mini Review - Loviatar #8

Christian has outdone himself with the latest issue of Loviatar.  Not only is the cover awesome but the contents rise up to the same standard.  Nicely done.

Issue 8 is an "All Hex Crawl" issue (just like Issue 7 was).  It isn't what Christian set out to do, but sometimes these things write themselves, and this one certainly did, to the tune of 24 pages Basic D&D goodness.

Issue 8 wins hands down with the NPC personalities presented.  They are so well rounded, as a GM I could play them without hesitation.  I know what they think and why and how they will react to the PCs with just a few short paragraphs of description.  They feel alive.

Personally, I've always Otyughs as a means of garbage disposal.  This issue shows a town's innovative use of such, and the dung they get in return.  Oh, and "high hobbits" and the return of the gnomes ;)
The latest issue details Hex 004 (the previous 3 issues gave us hexes 001-003).  If you haven't yet started reading Loviatar, you are missing out on a very organic sandbox setting that you can witness the birth off.

Besides, it's just 3.50 an issue (much less if you subscribe).  He mails it to you.  It's on actual goddamn paper!  What are you waiting for?


  1. What!

    Mine was printed on frigging paper... outrage!

  2. @scottsz - I hear the friggin paper was a limited run. Lucky basted! ;)

  3. What can I say? Trees make me angry and I want to chop them all down and turn them into zines.

    I'm so glad you liked the issue. Apple chucking apprentices, larcenous gnomes, tripping balls halflings, murderous constables and talking snakes always make for a good party. :)


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