Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mini Review - Trollszine #4 (Tunnels & Trolls)

Trollszine is a Tunnels & Trolls e-zine.  It's produced for free by the trolls- er, fans of T&T.  It's been a decent sized gap between issues 3 and 4 (I know, because at one point I was editing an article or two for issue 4, but I don't think either made the cut - or it's been so long I know longer remember well).

Anyhow,  just what can you expect for your unearned, not going to need to spend a single dollar?

A decently sized solo adventure.  Written for T&T 7.5, it will probably work with any edition from 5 on without too much work.  It doesn't have an ADDs or level requirement or restriction.

A GM adventure.  These are rare.  Cherish it.

Fiction by Christina Lea.  No, I haven't read it yet.  Too busy with the gaming stuff.

Mass Combat in T&T - Bet you didn't think you needed rules for that.  Now that you have them, I'm sure you'll find a use for them.

Horsemanship in T&T - a very deep, intricate article.  Even the author knows it might be detail heavy for T&T.  Might be convertible to D20 without too much work.

Survival Kit / Quick Reference Guide for T&T 7x.  With the price of admission on it's own.  Might even be enough to run a 7x game using 5.5 with this as a guide.  Amazing.  Let me repeat that:  EAmazing.

Some other assorted odd & ends.

Very nicely done.  If all you do is print out the 2 page 7x Survival Kit, you've struck gold.  The fact that there is value in just about every other article is icing on the cake troll.

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