Thursday, February 16, 2012

Delayed Dice Arrived Last Night - Nearly Two Weeks Late

Thanks Alex!
Well, it appears the 2 sets of dice I assumed were stolen from my front porch were part of some UPS Quality Check.

Even though it was indicated "Left on Porch" on my delivery confirmation online on 2/4, they arrived yesterday - shipped 2 day shipping with a ship date of 2/2.

No wonder Amazon's sole response was something to the effect "they would investigate".

So, 2 sets I no longer thought I was going to get, and I won a set of Gamescience Dice last night at Games That Can Not Be Named. Dice Dice Baby! (or something to that effect).


  1. I love getting new dice. One thing I'd like is some metal polyhedron dice.

  2. Saw a set at the game last night. I'd be all in if they were larger. I'd have to pick them up after rolling to read their numbers. Damn 44 year old eyes ;)

  3. Who did you get them from, if I may ask? I have my eye on one of the Pound o' Dice deals from Roll4Initiative on Amazon.

  4. I'll have to chck my Amazon account when i get home. Dice were shipped via Amazon (i love my Prime shipping)

    The Pound-O-Dice is pretty ugly for the most part, but definitely serviceable. ;)

  5. Ugly I can live with. I liked the looks of that one because they guarantee 7 full sets, where the Chessex pound only guarantees one full set. I lost all my dice (except one set) in a house fire back in May, so I'm looking for a rapid infusion!

  6. David,

    Get yourself a set of GameScience dice or two even. They really are the best out there. Especially if you care about good more than pretty.

    Full disclosure I am bought and paid for by GameScience since they sponsor my campaign and Tenkar won the raffle for the gamescience set from me.


    Congrats! Here is a picture I whipped up for you, Blogger wont let me post it as an image directly. More likely I don't know how since the html I tried included a target command and they said no on that. Check the link...


  7. To the extreme I roll the dice like a gamer
    With GameScience dice wax a newbie like a professional


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