Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dungeons & Play-Doh

Last night at Games That Can Not Be Named, we did some classic dungeon crawling.  In and of itself, dungeon crawling is most awesome.  In the hands of a DM that not only understands dungeon crawling, but understands that there is more to a game session than dungeon crawling, is beyond awesome.  All that and improvised dungeon props raises the level to a classic RPG session that just happens to also be awesome.

I'm the Wizzie in the Purple Hat
I'm not much on using battle maps, but Alex of Bad Wrong Fun did a great job of using the battle maps and improvised Play-Doh figures (we had some multi talented players at our table) to enhance gameplay without making it seem like a tactical reenactment.  Everything was eyeballed at it worked well.

Then Alex added the coup de grace:

Why the Big Guy is Humping the Green Blob is Anyone's Guess
Yep, we had rubber dungeon walls.  These were friggin' neat!  All we needed was some miniature tables to represent the ones we flipped for cover earlier and it would have been prefect ;)

I had a blast.  I think everyone at the table did too.  Alex runs his games in the Old School style of "slow answers equals quick death".  You need to think quickly on your feet.  There is no Time Stop spell to allow the players a chance to make plans when the enemy is bearing down on you.  It adds tension and makes for a great gaming experience.

I do want to make a small apology to Alex, Dave and all the rest.  I had no idea my shirt has ridden up, exposing my off-duty firearm on my waist until I walked over to the rest room.  Ah well, it's no secret on this blog that I'm a cop (and fairly long in the tooth, as I carry a revolver off-duty), but I don't think we ever discussed it at any of the game sessions.  Hope no one was too shocked ;)

There is another Games That Can Not Be Named at the SoHo Digital Arts Gallery next week on Sullivan Street, a block south of Houston.  Wednesdays at 7.  Miss it at your own loss.  It's been a great time all 4 weeks I've been there


  1. Hey Erik,

    I didn't even notice the firearm, so no need to worry on my behalf. I think I was too busy getting up to speed due to my very late arrival. Also, I knew of your Saturday Knight Special blog from visiting TT.

    And not to put words in Alex's mouth, but he's a jarhead and I doubt he was fazed by it. ;+)


  2. Ha, the playdoh figures are great! No need to heft a figure case when all's ye' need is a coupla' tubs of goo.

  3. No Harm no Foul.

    Vin Diesel gave an interview on TV where he mentions a friend of his who is a Cop who would lay his piece on the table then hit the sauce during the gaming session and get riled up.

    That's a different story as it kinda violates rule 0 - don't impact anyone else's fun. Otherwise I saw nothing wrong at all.

    Now allow me to be a sellout once more and sing the praises of BWF's sponsors - The Bendy Dungeon Walls and the Magna mat come to us by way of a company called Dark Platypus. They have graciously provided for our antics.

    Here is a link: http://www.dark-platypus.com/

    The walls are hard plastic actually and are hinged. I will let you play with em a bit next time and if I dont forget I will bring Magnetic feet for the walls so they dont tip at all. Magnetic feet for minis and status markers are available from other companies I am trying to work with as well.

    I like Playdoh mini's since they are interactive and they allow people to keep the mini / have fun making mini's. Something I learned in the Corps is - travel light - travel far.

    I am actually working with another company that makes miniature transport cases for a sponsorship too so in the future I may lug around actual metal painted mini's in foam messenger bag style cases. At the least for my campaign gaming, we shall see.

    Playdoh for events just works so well, is so unexpected and so much fun.

    P.S. I am stealing the pics and putting them up on BWF's Multimedia page and cross linking to your blog in our links section.

  4. Excellent! Glad you like the pics.

    I promise the piece will never leave it's holster ;)


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