Monday, July 4, 2011

The Free OSR List Mini Review - Basic Fantasy Role Playing Game

The Basic Fantasy Role Playing Game, hereafter referred to as BFRPG, is a clone of Basic / Expert Dungeons & Dragons.  More accurately, it is probably a houseruled clone of Basic / Expert D&D, as it separates class from race and defaults to ascending AC.

Things to note:

-Spells are limited to 6th level spells
-As best I can tell, no race has a level limit aside from the general class limit of 20
-It is surprisingly complete for 152 pages - monsters and magic items included
-Information on strongholds.  Don't think I've seen this in other clones (not 100% sure, mind you)
-Available in PDF and OpenOffice formats, making it very easy to house rule the documents for your own use.

BFRPG has a very active community and a plethora (I love that word) of adventures and supplements free available to add to your game and your campaign.  Heck, even if you play another clone, this is a great community to find quality additions to the OSR clone of your choice.

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